Green By Design

It is our responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. We must continue to search for better ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We do this by harnessing the power of innovation to increase efficiency with less impact on the environment.


  • All of the stainless steel used in our products is recycled
  • Corrugate range utilizes 62.2% – 89.5% Post-Consumer recycled content and 54.6% – 100% total recycled content.
  • We recycle over one million pounds of scrap metal, paper and cardboard each year.

Electric and Lighting

  • Eliminated fluorescent lamps in favor of LED technology reducing energy consumption. We have also installed occupancy sensors in several areas of the plant.
  • 2018 & 2019 lighting upgrades saved 75 Metric tons of CO2.


  • In compliance with water regulations. All wastewater goes back to the City of West Bend for treatment. We pay a surcharge for being over on the phosphorus limits.
  • Our non-contact cooling water has been rerouted to the City’s sanitary system for treatment thereby eliminating phosphorous and chlorine from the Milwaukee River.
  • Washer upgrades have led to over 1 Million gallons of water saved.


Washer upgrades have reduced gas usage by over 118,000 therms of savings per year.

Solar Now

Solar Now is an innovative program from We Energies that produces clean, renewable energy. We Energies partners with businesses like Regal Ware to host solar panels. We Energies leases space for the panels on our property. The clean energy that is produced serves all their customers. This helps Regal Ware actively market certain aspects of the operations, and we get to be a part of large scale renewable energy projects. By implementing this program, we are supporting our core value : Do the right thing. 

Regal Ware partners with other companies with strong green efforts. That way, we can be sure that what we consume and what we provide to our customers has a positive environmental impact.

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