Our company, leadership, and our divisions are committed to the participation in, elevation, and mutual knowledge sharing for the betterment of the industries in which we do business.

By forming and building relationships with other members- in a broad range of industry associations-many of our leaders serve in significant positions to help identify opportunities in our respective businesses, drive mutual collaboration and create opportunities. We are focused on being a positive influence and thought leader to multiply business growth and increase innovation among their memberships.

        These are just some of the associations Regal Ware are actively involved in:




United Kingdom

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We are proud to partner with the United Steel Workers union at our West Bend, WI facility to produce world-class products for the consumers we serve.


We both believe and act as something bigger than a business. People are our business. Standards are our culture.

Over several decades, we have remained committed to finding ways of both paying forward and giving back to the communities and people we serve in order to change lives. From sponsorships of people centered organizations, scholarships to expand learning for our youth, and supporting those less fortunate, we put the golden rule into motion.

Our people have been given much, and because of that, as citizens of a national and global community, we know that much is required.

                  We are privileged to support and sponsor these fine organizations:


The Tower Heritage Center in West Bend

Kewaskum Honors 9/11 Monument

Kewaskum Athletic Association/Reigle Family Park

Forever Honoring Our Washington County Veterans

The Hub – Volunteer Center of Washington County

Donations to Local Charities in our Divisional Locations

Kewaskum Food Pantry

West Bend Food Pantry

Texas (Tarrant County) Food Pantry

Vancouver Food Pantry

UK (Trussel Trust) Food Pantry

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