Regal Ware Achieves 1,000 Workdays Without a Lost-time Injury

Apr 12, 2021

Regal Ware has announced that on April 6, 2021, it achieved the distinction of compiling more than 1,000 days worked without a lost-time injury. This is the longest running record for time without a lost-time injury in Regal Ware’s long distinguished history.

Regal Ware achieved this milestone through a culmination of efforts focused on identifying leading indicators to prevent, reduce and eliminate work related hazards and unsafe behaviors before they occur. The company has developed a safety culture where each employee takes ownership of safety and injury prevention through ongoing training, education, and awareness.

“It’s my pleasure to recognize the high level of capability and safety awareness that Regal Ware family members bring to their jobs each day,” said Candy Sarauer, HR Manager. “Regal Ware values the health and safety of people above all else and will continue to drive improvements in safety culture and performance. This achievement demonstrates the high standards that Regal Ware puts into every aspect of their business,” she noted.

“This exceptional achievement represents passion for our customer, teamwork, personal ownership of safety, a focus on continuous improvement and a true commitment toward zero incidents by our employees and management team,” said Ryan Reigle, President and CEO. “I am proud of every one of our family members, who continue to embody the long-standing Regal Ware traditions of everybody matters, superior craftsmanship, pride of workmanship and a high level of commitment to our customers and each other, as shown by this impressive achievement.”