Regal Ware Announces Appointment of Jeffrey A. Reigle as the New Chairman of the Board

Sep 19, 2019

Kewaskum, Wisconsin (September 19, 2019) – Regal Ware, Inc. announces James D. Reigle, current Chairman of the Board, has stepped down and will remain on the Board as Chairman Emeritus.

James has been with the company since 1949 serving in multiple leadership positions and retiring from Presidency in 1991. Under James’ leadership, the company has provided countless job opportunities for many as well as in each community where it operates.

The Board would like to convey its appreciation to James D. Reigle. His leadership, talent and expertise have been a great asset to Regal Ware’s success. We are pleased that James will continue serving on the Board as Chairman Emeritus.

The Regal Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey A. Reigle, President and Chief Executive Officer, as the new Chairman of the Board effective September 12, 2019.

Jeffrey has been with the company since 1973 and has served in a variety of sales and management positions. Jeffrey will remain as President and Chief Executive Officer of Regal Ware, Inc.

Throughout his tenure, Jeff has kept his focus on the core values of the company. He has always been willing to try and invest in new ideas while keeping a focus on customers, suppliers and employees success. Jeff’s continued commitment of building the type of company that treats our Regal Family Members, customers and communities with honor and respect are testaments of his dedication and commitment as a leader.

According to James D. Reigle, “The Regal team, many talented people, has created an outstanding company. From the smallest in the industry with only 13 employees when J.O. Reigle and associates purchased the company to become a significant and successful American industry leader.”