Regal Ware Finalizes Acquisition of ESPRO

Sep 29, 2020

Kewaskum, Wisconsin (Sept. 29, 2020) – Regal Ware is pleased to announce it has finalized
the acquisition of ESPRO® premium coffee and tea presses and accessories. The ESPRO
brand has become an integral part of Regal Ware’s line of innovative kitchen products over the
course of the past 2 and a half years when the company became majority shareholder.
ESPRO Founder Bruce Constantine, who has held the role of president since the April 2018
acquisition, will leave the company.
“I am extremely proud of where we’ve taken the ESPRO brand since joining the Regal Ware
family. We have launched three new products, building upon the two products that put us on the
map in the premium coffee and tea space. The groundwork for a world-class brand has been
laid. Now, it’s time for someone whose passion is growing the business to take it to the next
level,” said Constantine. “For me, I’m an innovator. I’m ready to take some time off and break
some new glass.”
ESPRO was founded to help espresso professionals improve the consistency of their coffeemaking. Their first products, a calibrated tamper and controlled-flow milk-steaming pitcher,
helped baristas make better espresso-based beverages. The cross-over to the home-barista led
them to focus on enabling coffee lovers everywhere make better coffee, whenever, wherever.
ESPRO’s first consumer product, the ESPRO Press, revolutionized the French Press by
removing the grit and automatically stopping extraction.
Since joining Regal Ware two years ago, ESPRO has launched three additional product lines:
Cold Brew, Tasting Cups and the Bloom Pour Over Coffee brewer. Cold Brew combines three
innovations for better cold brew – two filters, an auto-lock valve and a resealable growler –
making brewing simple, precise and spill free. With its Tasting Cups, ESPRO offers consumers
the ability to discern specific flavors as each tasting cup is designed for a distinct tasting note.
Most recently, the 2020 Bloom Pour Over Coffee brewer cut the time to make a professionalcup in half by reinventing the filtration system and optimizing coffee extraction.
“We’ve delivered a tremendous amount of innovation in a very short period of time. The
foundation is in place,” said Constantine.
Dave Lenz, chief operating officer for Regal Ware, will serve as interim ESPRO president while
the company conducts an executive search to fill the role.
“Thanks to Bruce’s ingenuity and his ability to see a need, ESPRO offers a truly distinctive
technology under the hood of every product. What he’s created brings the enjoyment of a
coffeehouse-quality beverage into your own home,” said Lenz. “ESPRO is an important, highquality and relevant brand for Regal Ware and we will continue to invest in its growth and
expansion. There are compelling opportunities to grow the ESPRO brand within our existing
channels and geographies, while also deepening the relationship of the products and the brand
with our targeted consumer segments and seasonal opportunities.”
The ESPRO brand reflects Regal Ware’s emphasis on quality and pride in workmanship that
has spanned generations.
“Our commitment to integrity, superior quality, innovation and continuous improvement have
been core to Regal Ware’s mission since we were founded 75 years ago,” said Jeff Reigle,
chairman, president and CEO for Regal Ware. “The ESPRO brand embodies everything that
Regal Ware and our employees stand for, and I am excited to see where we can take it over the
next 75 years.”