Regal Ware is Proud to Celebrate its 75th Anniversary!

Jul 30, 2020

Kewaskum, Wisconsin (July 30, 2020) – August 6, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary for
Regal Ware, an American owned marketing and manufacturing company anchored in the food
and beverage industry, bringing premium products to families since 1945.

The Regal Ware history is a long story of family, craftsmanship, entrepreneurialism and
opportunity. Regal Ware founder J.O. Reigle started the company in 1945 out of a desire to
build “the finest plant with the finest equipment to produce and sell the world’s finest cooking

As a business owner, salesman, philanthropist, and family man, J.O. Reigle embodied the selfreliance, core values, innovation, and resolve that have become the cornerstone of Regal Ware.
With both third & fourth generations of the Reigle family and countless other multi-generational
families working for Regal Ware, J.O. Reigle built more than a company, he created a legacy of
excellence that continues to live on today.

“Something our founders instilled in our company culture, all those years ago, is that everybody
matters and that success comes from empowering and supporting those around us,” remarked
Company President & CEO, Jeff Reigle. “We have achieved this 75 year milestone through the
collaboration, ingenuity and dedication of our employees. We know that it’s not just our passion
for our customers that has boosted us to the top; it’s our emphasis on delivering superior quality
in everything we do, our pledge to maintain integrity in all business practices, and our dedication
to innovation and continuous improvement. It’s our exceptionally skilled and talented staff, our
commitment to workplace diversity, and our long history of treating everyone with dignity and
respect. And, it’s our connection to our local community, where our employees donate countless
hours of service and where we direct much of our financial support. We heartily recognize that
the success of our company comes directly from the success of our customers, our business
partners, and our employees.”

Today, our people still make the difference in how we do business. It is the entrepreneurial spirit
and active collaboration in a diverse environment that creates those meaningful products and
services that make us differentiated and valuable to our partners and consumers. We are in
business for and because of our customers. We proudly conduct business in 45+ countries. The
products we make every day make a difference in the world and in people’s lives. Not just
because of sales, but because of how they help people maximize the nutrition in their foods.
Regal Ware is also devoted to supporting the growth and success of the entire cookware
industry, as long-standing members of the Direct Selling Association, the Cookware
Manufacturers’ Association, and the International Housewares Association.