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Regal Ware, Inc, is a privately-held company based in Wisconsin, U.S.A.  We have over a century of deep experience and expertise of both manufacturing and marketing various products for the home. High quality stainless steel, multi-ply, and cast cookware; as well as expanding into other food and beverage categories such as coffee and tea brewing. We also partner with other global companies and organizations in providing both market, production, operational and logistics expertise in a variety of industries.
Our commitment to our core values has helped shape a long-standing tradition of empowering our dealers and distributors in more than 60 countries around the world.
Our portfolio includes globally known and distributed brands such as Saladmaster ®, Lifetime ®, American Kitchen®  cookware/kitchenware products, as well as ESPRO brewing products. These brands are marketed through various retail and on-line channels as well through our dealer/distribution and are driven by bringing people together.

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