Customer Service

We recommend that all replacement parts be purchased from Regal Ware Consumer Service.

For your convenience, some product replacement parts are available to purchase online. Please click on this Order Replacement Parts Online link for a list of brands. If you have a product that is not included on this list and for all other inquiries, please email our customer service department at the address below for further assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Several years ago Regal Ware was proud to provide an excellent line of breadmakers, food processors, and PolyPerk® coffeemakers; however, these products and related parts are no longer sold or serviced. As a courtesy to our customers we are pleased to offer copies of the Breadmaker Guide and Cookbook which may be downloaded at no charge. We thank you for your patronage.

Our customer service team is dedicated to serve you with prompt, complete and courteous attention to your product or replacement part needs. To better assist you, when e-mailing us please be specific with your request, and always include the product model number, your full name, mailing address, and phone number.