Ayo Olaseinde Assumes Role as Chairman of the Board for the United Kingdom’s Direct Selling Association

Dec 13, 2023

Fort Worth, Texas (December 13, 2023) – Ayo Olaseinde, Global President of Saladmaster® and a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable journey in the direct sales industry, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board for the Direct Selling Association of the United Kingdom (DSA UK), after serving in 2023 as a board member for the organization. This prestigious appointment reflects Ayo’s outstanding leadership, commitment to personal growth, and dedication to the direct sales industry.

Ayo’s direct sales career began in 1982 when he transitioned from working in a bakery to embarking on a journey into direct sales with Kirby Vacuums. He established his first direct sales dealership in 1984 and eventually assuming a regional manager role with Kirby, where he fostered and promoted strong leaders within the organization.

In 2005, Ayo joined Saladmaster, where he started as a one-person operation in the United Kingdom (UK). Under his leadership, Saladmaster UK expanded into other European markets, Africa, and the Middle East, becoming the fastest-growing region in Saladmaster. His leadership and commitment to the industry led to his appointment of Global President of Saladmaster in 2018.

Ayo remains at the helm of Saladmaster’s operations spanning 60 countries worldwide. His expertise in direct sales and passion for healthy living, has empowered Ayo to champion Saladmaster’s mission of delivering high-quality cookware and kitchen products that promote healthy and delicious cooking. In his stewardship, Saladmaster has evolved into more than a cookware provider; it has become a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting healthy eating and living. Ayo’s dedication to personal growth and his fervor for motivating and nurturing individuals to full potential continues to drive the company’s growth and prosperity.

Ryan Reigle, CEO of Regal Ware, the holding company of Saladmaster, commented on Ayo’s appointment, saying, “Ayo’s leadership has been instrumental in Saladmaster’s expansion and the promotion of our mission to inspire people to live healthier, happier lives. His commitment and passion for the direct sales industry make him the perfect choice for Chairman of the Board for the DSA UK.”

Ayo Olaseinde expressed his enthusiasm about his new role, stating, “I am humbled to be recognized by the industry and DSA association. To go from my background to where I am today is a testimony of the opportunity and training within direct sales. There are no limits if you work hard, learn, and apply. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself.  Direct sales is a beacon of hope for the ordinary person to excel in any areas they want too. Our goal at the DSA UK is to raise the profile of direct sales, with the government and media, while setting standards.” Ayo Olaseinde’s journey from humble beginnings to a distinguished leader in the direct sales industry exemplifies his favorite inspirational quote: “Anything Is Possible.”

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