Our Passion

At Regal Ware we understand thUse Regal Ware's cookware, pots and pans for home-cooked meals that bring your family back to the dinner table.at today’s hectic lifestyles have made preparing home-cooked meals more difficult. We also understand the importance of eating together – a ritual with many proven social, behavioral and health benefits.

That’s why it’s our passion to help strengthen families worldwide by bringing you back to the table, the place where life is celebrated, wisdom is shared and relationships are fostered. It’s a place we call home and the reason we started making cookware all those years ago.

The word "dinner" once conjured up images of warm smells coming from the kitchen as we gathered around the table – not just for nourishment, but also for conversation. By providing you with cookware that gives you better results in the kitchen and makes cooking easier and more enjoyable, we are ensuring those days continue.

Join us on our journey to turn homes into havens, kitchens into gathering places and dinner tables into the cornerstone
of togetherness again.

Get back to the table – it’s now something you can control

Home-cooked meals are often healthier:

  • More than 155 million school-age children are overweight worldwide
  • More than one billion adults worldwide are either overweight or obese

Eating together keeps you connected:

  • Half of all teenagers will use an illicit drug by the time they finish high school. However, teens that eat family meals more than three times a week are half as likely to try drugs.
  • 40% of children who eat often with their parents report getting better grades in school than kids who have two or fewer family dinners a week.

Join us in getting back to the table.